• Nice Display to see if data retrieval was fine
  • Your Place on member page (overall, mounthly, daily, amount of days crawled, ..)
  • Highlight special line in table
  • Display of the tables sometimes disarranged
  • add page which the active members for a specific date
  • link the daily page in the highscore tables and the leader of the day table
  • current running nodes were not displayed from x:10-x:15
  • current running nodes were now highlighted with green color at the active nodes table
  • added total value on the years page
  • Rookie Table from beta to normal site (Rookie now defined by one year from registration)
  • Rookie of the Year (by Urls/by Days)
  • Absentee - well known member who currently do not crawl
  • new submenu in period performance
  • Summary table of current active nodes with average values of the last 24 hours (only for members with more than 2 active nodes)
  • changed the foot-row into average values (urls per hour) - peers page
  • link to external user pages (free-dc,Refics Node Alert)
  • monthly user statistics changed to a month/year diagramm
  • added differentiation of million/billion and GiB/TiB (marked by italic¹) in month/year diagramm
  • highlight best month in month/year diagramm
  • add support for Windows 2008 R2 und Windows 8
  • display last week active nodes (former only todays active nodes)
  • select current year per default in year statistics
  • removed some strange uptimes
  • fixed css bug - narrow columns
  • month statistics for each member
  • updated uptime site (highscore now there, sorted lurkers in separate list)
  • removed 24 hours site
  • switched to a new configuration system
  • changed file structure for frontend data
  • added clean up for old log and backup files
  • added site with crawled urls of the last 24 hours
  • smaller changes (add new FAQ , Current UK time in Todays Crawling table, Vista => Vista/2008)
  • added Node Highscore Table to member page
  • added Info/FAQ page
  • smaller changes (some spelling mistakes, back link to member page)
  • added node page with hour overview containing failures
  • add three new node columns (workers, memory, cpu)
  • convert internal time handling to UTC time (from Europe/London time)
  • lots of smaller improvements on node, member and uptime page
  • Error columns added to Uptime Page
  • smaller changes (add "Average Crawl Rate" to Rookie List)
  • changed data processing completely to avoid memory problems and to be more robust against changes in incomming csv files
  • add Beta-Test page (not in menu)
  • add data update time to all pages
  • smaller changes (display only and all nodes active in last hour in Uptime page, remove some obsolete code, add datetime and weekdaytime format to lib, correct miscounted days in rookie list)
  • add log file (db table) to see if data retrieval was successful
  • add Rookie List (not in menu)
  • add created and country to members page
  • smaller changes (fix date_highlight bug, smaller stylesheet improvements, convert created date in valid date format)
  • cleaning up download / pre-processing / load-to-database structure for future extension
  • fixed: hard coded data directory in some older files
  • date format (Today and Yesterday are displayed as text,color today or yesterday)
  • add number format with decimal place (sortable)
  • Correct use of Megabyte (1000² Byte) and Megibyte (1024² Byte)
  • Style of the page (+typo.css, -table.css)
  • Background and Color scheme
  • Website user tracking (Piwik)
  • smaller changes (Uppercase Titles, add background boxes, "Empty Table" message, link color)
  • 'kb/url' not formated as numbers (display would be without decimal place)
  • add month comparison (statistic page)
  • Best Crawling per Day - everyone is only listed with its best result
  • add numbering to table object (stay even when other columns get sorted)
  • smaller changes (declare site as in english, move js includes into head tag)
  • outsourcing of the period table to an own page - period performance
  • add Best Crawling per Day to high score page
  • add nodeversion table to statistic page
  • smaller changes (contact/credits, nodeversion cutted)
  • highscore page (Long Runner, Leader of the Day)
  • smaller changes (menu)
  • add operation system tables (to statistic page)
  • lots of smaller changes (add columns kb/url, exclude incomplete days from calculation)
  • smaller changes (table generation option hide row, autohide foot; improved bandwidth calculation, links to member page in tables,..)
  • member page (Users Top10, Last days, Node list)
  • today table (statistic page)
  • improved platform recognition and display (extract os and os_version)
  • smaller changes (icons in history, mail)
  • credit page
  • bandwidth table / kb/url column
  • add downstream and urls in update page
  • improve table generation (object orientated, add foot support)
  • smaller changes (extend menu, add "overall" row)
  • personal Top10 table
  • smaller changes (7 days to 10 and Top5 to Top10)
  • only currently online nodes listed (last 3 hours seen)
  • add stats logging (for later research to get better uptime calculation)
  • uptime site (cron jobs,analyse,into db, display)
  • add name support (topusers_overall.csv)
  • CSS (move to seperate file)
  • reorganize some libraries
  • put code to subversion repository
  • jquery and plugins (to many requirements -> to big)
  • new tablesorter (zebra, sorted column selected)
  • small menu
  • date is not sorted properly
  • color changes during sorting
  • zebra tables (with jquery + tablesorter plugin)
  • sorting tables(with jquery + tablesorter plugin)
  • color changes during sorting
  • automatic retrieve data from mj12 server (4 o'clock CEST)
  • year table
  • top 5 tables
  • last 7 days overall
  • last 7 days (bemax)
  • top users (period)
  • zebra tables
  • sorting tables
  • date is not sorted properly
  • color changes during sorting
  • remove CSS from index.html to get xhtml conform